How foxtel hide deactivate button on Foxtel play subscription

I decided to activate a free 2 weeks trial for new customers during the ICC cricket world cup 2015 that happened here in Australia. Free to air channels were only telecasting Australian games. Anyone who want to watch other games had to pay 50 AUD per month for Foxtel play after the trial period ends. May be it was just me because I didn't hear anyone else complaining.

I started with the trial period. The plan was to cancle the subscription before the trial ends and then create a new subscription. I should say Foxtel was smarter than that. I did try a few tricks but still Foxtel won. But that is not the reason why I decided to write about it. During my attempt to cancel my Foxtel account , I figured out there is no way to do that on-line. I am not a fan of calling anyone to cancel anything. It is not my best skill to say "no".

After some research and with the help of chrome browser tools I finally found the de-activate button. This is how I managed de-activate it , in a few steps.

  1. This is how the subsription management page looks for Foxtel.You can see a lot of options except the "de-activate" button.

  2. However when this page loaded I did noticed there was another layer of buttons below this , which got hidden immediately (I guess this using javascript). So I decided to inspect the html and css behind the page. As you can see in the screen shot there is a hidden button.

  3. I removed the "display:none" property from the tag and I now have a deactivate button.

  4. Clicking on the button took me to the deactivate screen . They forced me to type everything , even though I didn't want to.

  5. And finally I managed to cancel my subscription.